What is Turning Pages?

Turning Pages is a blog about books, wherein I replicate the process of discovery and the thrill of exploring uncharted territory, opening a new book and reading it for the first time. This is a project about my personal enrichment as a reader and writer, and a chance to connect with other book-lovers across the blogosphere.

How does it work?

Once per weekday I will be posting my thoughts on one chapter of a book I’m covering. If the book is comprised of over forty or fifty chapters, I will cover multiple chapters in one day, and if it isn’t divided into chapters at all, I’ll list the pages I’m covering in the header.

What are the rules for commenting?

First of all, no spam, and no harassment. I want everyone who shows up here to feel welcome, and making off-color jokes about marginalized groups (including races, sexes, the LGBT spectrum, or people with disabilities) is just about the quickest way to chip away at that feeling of inclusivity. If you’re not sure if something counts as harassment, please err on the side of caution and shelve the impulse to say that thing.

Secondly, there are to be no unmarked spoilers in the comments. The entire point of this blog is to evoke the feeling of discovery I get when reading a book for the first time. I am not perfect at avoiding spoilers on my own, but if I end up caving in and looking up something for a series, that should be my decision, and it shouldn’t be forced on me in the process of looking at your comments. Do not tell me what happens later, tell me which events are important and which aren’t, tell me what to expect from a series or character I haven’t read (assume that I haven’t read them unless I tell you otherwise, please), or correct any of my misconceptions with later events. Don’t even HINT at doing any of that in an ambiguous or cutesy way, because I don’t find it cute.

If you must post something that violates the spoiler policy, you can get away with it if you do it in rot13, a neat little code that shifts the alphabet so that you can’t accidentally read passages written in it. An automatic translator can be found at rot13.com, and it works both ways.

I will also be applying this spoiler policy to myself, in my blog posts. Anything having to do with a series that I am not covering in that blog post will be in rot13, so that people who don’t want to be spoiled on that series can skim over it with impunity. This will also apply to books that I have covered previously on this blog, since not all readers will read all of my posts in strict chronological order. For example, let’s just suppose that I cover Roger Zelazny’s Nine Princes in Amber on this site, and then later on I decide to cover The Book of the New Sun. If I feel compelled to compare New Sun to Amber, the comparison will be in rot13.

What happens if I break the rules?

I reserve the right to scold you in the comments for it, delete the offensive comment, suspend your commenting privileges, and/or ban you outright, depending on how severe your offense is and your track record with me.

Can I suggest something for you to cover after you’re done with your current book?

Feel free, but don’t be obnoxious about it , and keep in mind the spoiler policy if you decide to try and make a case to convince me. Also, I can’t guarantee that I’ll actually follow your advice. I have a huge list of books that I want to get to down the line, including the mammoth tome 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die, so your own suggestions might get lost in the shuffle. If they’re already on my lists, maybe they’ll get bumped up somewhere down the line, but again, I wouldn’t get my hopes up if I were you.